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Concert Perfomances

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I went to the Billy Joel concert that took place at the   Madison Square Garden in New York on February 22, 2017.  On March 21, 2017, I attended the phantom of the opera on Broadway at the Majestic Theater. I arrived in goo time so that I could get the front row seats. The two performances were simply amazing. The performers were all dressed to suit the performance.  

Biography of composers

Billy Joel was born in 1949 in New York. He is a singer, pianists, and songwriter. His father was a pianist but it was his mother’s effort that made him start playing the piano. He began playing the piano at six years old. He has won the Grammy awards six times and has been nominated for 23 Grammy awards.

Andrew Lloyd Webber was born in 1948 in London England. He comes from a background of musicians. His mother was a pianist and a violinist. His father was an organist and composer while his brother was a   cellist. Webber has won several awards for his outstanding work including the Kennedy Centre Honors Award, British knighthood, seven Tony Awards, Academy Awards and three Grammy awards. Webber played the violin, piano, and French horn. He started writing music when he was only six years old. He started his musical career at the Royals College of music. Webber got his inspiration for writing the phantom of the opera from the Le Fantom de opera that was originally written by Gaston Leroux.     The phantom of the opera has been written in the opera style. The play first premiered in 1982 at her Majesty’s Theater in London. The phantom of the opera is the story of a soprano who is obsessed with a musical genius. Phantom has been performed over 10,000 times.  There is no doubt that the phantom of the opera is one of the popular musical done by Lloyd Weber.

Synopsis of the story of the musical

In act one, starts with Carlotta who is the leading soprano rehearsing for her performance. All of a sudden the backdrop collapses and frightens the cast members. The members think that maybe it is the ghostly phantom. Carlota gets frightened by the incidence to the extent that she refuses to continue with the rehearsal. The owners of the opera house want to cancel all the performance for that evening.  However, Madame Giry gives them an idea that Christine can replace Carlotta since she sings beautifully. The owners love her voice and decide to use her as a substitute for Carlotta. After the evening performance, Christine goes to the dressing room and is congratulated by Raoul for the outstanding performance. Christine tells him of her reason for singing.  She tells him her reason is that she was visited by an angel who taught her how to sing. Raoul tells Christine that the stories her father told her are just fantasies.   

Raoul leaves and Christine sees the Phantom in her dressing mirror. She is frightened but tells the phantom to show himself. The phantom eventually reveals himself that he believes in her story. The Phantom tells Christine that he is the angel of the music. The phantom convinces Christine to go with him, and she agrees and goes to a dark place. They board a gondola, and the Phantom sings to Christine as they go deeper into the subterranean world. While on the way, Christine gets frightened and faints. She is woken up by the sound of a monkey music box. Christine sees the Phantom composing music and becomes curious about what is behind the mask.  She takes off the mask when the phantom is distracted with his music. She finds out that the phantom has a deformed face. The Phantom tells her about how he wishes to look normal. The Phantom tells Christine that he wishes she could love him despite his looks.

When Christine is still underground, Madam Giry gets a note which demands that Christine should substitute Carlotta in the opera, II Muto. The phantom warns them that if they fail to do as he requires, then a terrible thing will happen. Carlotta becomes upset by the request, but the owners guarantee her that she will still be the leading soprano. The cast members do not heed to the Phantoms request and allow Carlotta to sing. While she is singing, the phantom makes her voice croak like that of a frog. The ballet dancers continue with the show, but all of a sudden, the body of the stagehand banquet can be seen hanging and falls on the floor (Bassett 5). Everyone starts to panic, but the owners try their best to calm them down. The owners try to justify the incident saying it is just a horrible accident. Christine gets frightened by all the happenings. As soon as she finds Raoul, she tells him of the encounter she had with the Phantom.  As usual, Raoul does not believe her and tells her that she will always protect and love her.    The Phantom overhears their conversation and plans to take revenge against Raoul. The first scene comes to an end with the chandelier crashing on the stage.

In act two, the scene begins with a gala masquerade ball. The phantom attends the ball and disguises himself as red death.  He shows himself and tells the guests about his new opera. He demands that Christine is given the lead role. He warns them of the consequences of not doing as he demands. Christine accepts Raoul’s proposal, and they become a couple. However, the phantom takes her engagement ring and disappears into a flash of smoke.

The new opera is produced, and Christine is given the lead role. The Phantom goes to the cemetery and finds Christine there. He charms her, but luckily Raoul arrives on time to save her (Bassett 30). During the new opera opening, Christine finds out that she is performing with the phantom, she unmasks him, and the Phantom grabs Christine and leaves with her.

Summary of performance

Overall, the performances were done to perfection. Each performer knew how to play their roles. Furthermore, the hall was quiet, and it was easy to follow the opera throughout.  The audience only clapped once the play was over.

Personal critique of performance

I enjoyed both performances, and I would attend the concert again. Out of the two concerts, the one I loved most was the Phantom of the opera.  There is no doubt that the play was exciting and was easy to follow. I will never forget the night I had at the concert. The phantom of the opera was enjoyable.

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