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Community Outreach Program

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To:  Employees


Subject: Community Outreach Program

Description of Business, Its Mission and How It Relates To the Community Outreach Program

Trimax Inc. has decided to formulate a community polishing program, whose aim is to enlighten the community, especially the students who are looking forward to joining some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the region. The company's main mission is to provide high quality services to an environment that is aware of the quality standards and the empowerment of the people by providing education on basic technical knowledge. In connection with the mission, Trimax Limited has decided to launch the training program, which will be made in the form of a community outreach. Since the main business of our firm is the provision of electronic goods and services, this form of outreach will help in the disbursement of information to our current and potential customers, so that they can be reminded or made aware of the existence and quality of our products and services. To our esteemed clients, w would always like to make them updated on any improvements or alterations in our product features. The program will also give better information to students that are planning to join colleges for information technology courses, by providing them with the necessary knowledge in operations of network routers, and the fundamental ways of detecting faulty software programs, and how to avoid the distribution of such counterfeit products within the community. The students will get it easier to grasp the technical aspects that are taught in school, by simply relating the theoretical information given, to the practical aspect that they shall be given in school. The community outreach program, therefore, asks for the corporation of all members of staff, to help in the achievement of the aims of the activity.

Nature of the Outreach and the Target Audience

The community outreach program may have a different nature as compared to the ones we have hosted before- we will incorporate the efforts of our management team in the ground work since everyone shall be expected to deliver the tasks delegated to him/her personally. The new system will ensure that we reach the maximum population possible. Therefore, we shall include the use of different types of media such as radio stations, television programs as well as the publishing of our agenda on local and international newspapers. Another modern form of communication such as Facebook and Twitter shall also be employed to ensure that we reach the highest number of youths, especially those that have plans of joining colleges for information technology courses. The outreach program shall take a whole week, and we shall also ensure ground movements to all the villages and town centers. Though this program will require lots of resources, we still emphasize on the commitment of our staff from the start of the activity to the end, since the benefits outweigh our expenditure.

The Festival we Sponsor and Run for the Outreach Program

Trimax Inc. has been in partnership with several colleges and other academic institutions for the provision of knowledge in the field of information technology. We usually arrange for technology exposition programs in our local universities, and therefore shall ensure that the community outreach program coincides with the exposition dates, such that the activities can go hand in hand. The exposition program usually accompanies price giving, and in this case, we do receive funds from guests, to finance our activities. In our coming exposition, we shall invite students from other schools and those who are planning to join colleges, and this shall be done at Trimax community college, on 18th of June 2017.

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