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Communication Plan

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The main stakeholders for the project will include banks that will offer loans to the projects, interested investors in the projects, the board of directors for the company and consumers that will have an interest in the project. The stakeholders will play a key role in ensuring that the project runs efficiently and that upon its completion, they generate returns from the project. Some of the stakeholders will also be involved in the funding of the project.

Communication types

There are various communication methods that will be employed in the project. The communication methods can be in the form of written or non-written depending on the audience. Communicating the importance of the project helps in ensuring that it is a success (Collins, 2011).  Some of the methods that can be used to communicate include the use of newsletters, status reports, informal small group meetings and the use of internet or internet web pages.




Interactive communication

All stakeholders

This method is a face to face technique and it will be used especially where stakeholders have to be emphasized on the importance of the project.

Push Communication

Financial institutions

The method entails sending information to the stakeholder with no expectation of receiving feedback. This communication method will mainly be applied to ensure that the banks dispense the loans

Control manager

Interested investors and consumers

The project manager, under this communication method, takes control of the conversation explaining to the investors more about the project and why they have to invest in it

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