Leitmotifs or leitmotiv

   Send article as PDF    Question 1: Leitmotifs or leitmotiv is a word meaning leading motif in German.  A musical theme, which usually recurs, it mostly appears in operas but at times also in symphonic poems. Leitmotif is associated with a particular person, place, or idea. It might be a short tune, but can …

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Musical Examples

   Send article as PDF    Introduction              Music forms an integral part of our society. Many view it as a reflection of their personality and entertainment. Their creativity is influenced by cultural, political, social and economic factors. Music comes in different styles ranging from folk, popular to classical music. Various geographical locations have their …

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Music 2: Dramatic Music

   Send article as PDF             Dramatic music has become the most common form of stage entertainment in the 21st century. The fact that dramatic music combines a complete spectrum of all arts ranging from word, singing to dancing means that it can be used to trigger the emotion of the …

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   Send article as PDF    Introduction   A music genre is a common classification that distinguishes a few pieces of music as having a place with a mutual convention or set of traditions. It is to get recognized from musical types and style of music, in spite of the fact that by and by …


The Passion of Saint John Concert

   Send article as PDF    The concert I experienced was part of Bach at One Spring Series which was performed by the New York Baroque Incorporated. The performance was on Monday, April 10th at one o’clock and was performed live at St. Paul’s Chapel Broadway. There was only one song performed by the Orchestra, …

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Brandenburg Concertos (1708-1717)

   Send article as PDF    Introduction Brandenburg Concertos is a collection of six different concertos recorded and published together in one major album, Brandenburg Concertos. Scholars have a suspicion that Concerto no. 1, 3 and 6 might have been written long ago, during the times of Bach Weimar, that is, (1708-1717) whereas, 2, 4, …

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