Risk and Financial Crises

   Send article as PDF    Probability theory is fundamental to the way we think about finance. It is closely connected with crises. The financial crisis we are living in is bigger than any since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. There are many different ways of understanding what crisis is. Probability theory is a …

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The Imitation Game

   Send article as PDF    If I was Allan Turing at that time of promotion, I would not fire other members of the team after gaining the power to lead the team. Allan was working alongside five other employees in trying to break the enigma codes under the leadership of Alexander Hugh. However, Alexander …

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Listen to Your heart (2010)

   Send article as PDF    ‘Listen to your heart’ is a romantic film about a couple who face societal challenges due to disability. Alexi comes from a wealthy family but she is deaf while Kent doesn’t have both parents and he is living all by his own. The two meet in a restaurant where …

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   Send article as PDF    In the contemporary society, every individual expects a perfect life and this was more pronounced at childhood since everyone wanted to grow up and be adults for the pleasantries that was attached to adulthood. Everyone had a bright future. Life too comes with countless disappointments as all the expectations …

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Portrayal of Violence in Films

   Send article as PDF    Introduction Violence is an overwhelming issue that the international community has to deal with. The wars and terrorism are driven desire for political power and control in various regions and in the international platform. In this analysis of three films namely; The Battle of Algiers, Timbuktu, and Johnny Mad …

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