Send article as PDF                The Pragmatic Influence of Music and Art [Author:] [Institute:]     Introduction             As disclosed by Flanagan, Martinez, and Cumsille (2011), culture is a unique identifier of a group of people that are of similar practices and share values, beliefs, and customs of …

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Music for use

   Send article as PDF    Drastic changes in world and music are highly notable in consideration of a piece featuring in less than half a decade in Germany. Der Lindberghflug was specifically composed for radio to text for the narration of a story of transatlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh, an American pilot. (Weill & …

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 Process of Learning the Piano

   Send article as PDF                                           Introduction Most people who want to learn to play the piano are always discouraged by the boring long hours spent on learning music notes. However, mastering the art of playing the piano is not a difficult task as it may appear. All you need to do is have …

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Lil Wayne Carter

   Send article as PDF    Introduction Creators of music often draw their inspiration from different aspects in their lives and that of society in general. This influential aspects range from the composer’s upbringing, their neighborhood, as well as general societal aspects such as racism, corruption, and governance. For the famous hip hop rapper, Lil …

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Pop-Culture Synthesis Essay

   Send article as PDF    In the undertaking of this assignment, the primary objective is focused on providing a detailed discussion regarding how the musicians have used their art form to influence politics. The discussion on how the musicians have used their art to influence politics shall specifically be in reference to the 60’s …

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Concert Paper

   Send article as PDF                Music is an art that you hear almost every day (Shah 1). Unlike other forms of art, attending music concerts is something that I have always loved since high school. On March 25, 2017, at 7:30 pm, Seicento Baroque Ensemble performed two thrilling …

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