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Case Study #3

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In the case of Mr. Black, I would delegate to the nursing assistant the responsibility of helping the patient to use the urinal rather than having to go to the bathroom every time. I would also delegate taking the patient’s vital signs every four hours. The dialog would be: “Hi [Name]. I would like you to help Mr. Black to use the urinal provided rather than going to the bathroom as he is not in a good position to do this. Also, please take the vital signs every four from now and record them as appropriate. Do you need any clarifications?”

For the second case, I would delegate the assistant with responsibilities of providing the patient with support as she engages in her physical exercise three times a day. I would delegate the duties as follows: “Hello [Name]. Ms. Swanson underwent a hysterectomy two days ago and the surgeon has advised that she should ambulate three times every day. Please give her support with the exercise and report to me if you encounter any alarm signs. Do you have any questions?”

In the case of Mr. Johnson, I would delegate a few obligations that do not require technical expertise such as ensuring that the patient is kept clean and comfortable and checking for any alarm signs. The conversation would be as follows: “Hi [Name]. Please ensure that Mr. Johnson is kept clean and comfortable as he is about to go for an upper gastrointestinal series. Also, advise him not to take any food. Any questions?”

For Mrs. Tolento, I would ask the nursing assistant to ensure that she is comfortable and clean. Also, I would ask the assistant to record the fluid level before changing the catheter bag when it fills up. The conversation would be as follows: “Hey [Name]. Please ensure that Mrs. Tolento is comfortable and clean, and report to me immediately any unusual signs you see. Also, please record the fluid amounts in the catheter bag before changing it, and take vital signs every four hours. Do you have any question?”

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