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Operations Officer
Citi Bank
174 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60601


Dear Ms. Jeannie:

It is sorrowful to hear about your experience at our Burberry store. The incident occurred on the eve of Easter holidays, and most of our employees were not at work. The young salesman that caused the scene is an intern with our store. Having not graduated from college he has little experience in customer relations. The salesman has already been questioned with regards to the incident. We appreciate that you brought the matter to our attention. As a store, we take any complaint of this nature seriously, and appropriate measures have been put in place to ensure that such does not occur again in the future.

During that day, our salesman was alone in the store when you came in to make your purchase. He refused to serve you for being a middle-aged black woman. The salesman who was busy with his phone ignored you despite assuring him that you were willing and able to make a purchase. Instead, he uttered outrageous remarks that black women are poor and therefore you could not afford the beautiful silver ornaments in the store. The intern has rejected the allegations with a statement that you did not come to the store and that you are seeking attention and sympathy. Currently, we cannot substantiate the claims since the store is without camera surveillance. Our cameras got spoilt and are yet to be replaced. At the moment, the intern cannot be laid off but has been asked to take compulsory leave as the incident is being investigated. Besides, at least one senior employee shall report to work during such holidays.

We thank you once again for bringing the matter to our attention. We look forward to solving the issue once and for all.



                                                                  HR Director

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