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When we talk about technology, most people or architects think about high tech, and when they talk about how new technology benefit architectural design nowadays, they reflect on all high-tech, but actually, it is not just only high-tech but low-tech also can be considered. Low tech can be referred to as the simple traditional form of technology that is non-mechanical of some kind. Some examples of low-technology include crafting and the use of some of the tools that pre-date the industrial revolution. Some of the importance of low-technology includes the possibility of being typically practiced with a minimum capital of an investment. The second advantage is that the knowledge of the practice of low-tech can be thoroughly comprehended by just a single individual hence the labor is easy to acquire.

It can be agreed that high-technology has played a significant role in the shaping of the current society, but it is clear that the role played has also come at a very high cost. The low-tech in the previous generations could be readily adopted or bought, compared to the current high-tech that favors only the wealthy in the society. The use of modern technology has improved the living standards of people in many aspects. People can be able to move so fast from one point to another, and at the same time, a lot of works can be done in the shortest time possible. The manner of doing things faster corresponds to the high death rates amongst the people. The swift transportation from one point to another has caused a lot of deaths. The high-tech techniques comes with high loss of life due to speedy operations as compared to the low-tech where construction works could take a long time before completion and hence minimum rates of accidents that could be caused at those times.

According to (Partik Schumacher pg.23), the modern scientific designs of technology are the only designs that are suitable since everything needs the use of the computer. Computers come at a cost. Many people disagree with this parametric because they think what Schumacher think is not the only way that parametric design should be used because parametric design never benefit the under privileged people. Parametric mainly serve capitalism, neo-liberalism such as commercial project, a fabulous project with a contemporary form to draw business success for a client, but some other architects think that parametric can be beneficial more than that. Therefore, individuals are made to believe that the use of low-technology cannot only benefit the underprivileged but also can serve the intended purpose that the high tech is able to serve.

The old forms of technology that are referred to as low-tech were straightforward and easy to be put into practice. The architecture was so good to an extent that it led to the general trend of homogenous buildings resulting to a similarity in the architectural design in a given surrounding. The designs were simple but more appealing and easy for any individual to own or even access compared to the current architectural designs that have been made to be in different unique styles through the use of the current high-tech.

Through low-technology, the construction materials can be readily adopted, and materials will not be transported from many different locations just to complete a single project. The materials that are available in a given area will be made use of, and an excellent structure or project can be completed with only the skills of the required personnel. This low-technology is very simple and does not need the realization of the different layers of architectural designs as stipulated by (Partik Schumacher, pg.31). The expansion of many forms of construction and many different building materials can be quickly discarded with the use of low-tech and hence the practice will make life to be easier.

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