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Alcohol Consumption in Greater Dandenong

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1. What Evidence do you have from your community specifying health issues and focus for this program?

The rise in the number of deaths reported each year and a large number of ambulance attendance calls which are alcohol related shows alcohol become a health issue in Dandenong. In addition,  there is an increased number of alcohol related assaults such as domestic violence. Data collected between 2004-2013 shows that Dandenong has the highest levels of alcohol consumptions in Australia (Cheshire, Pawson, Easthope, & Stone, 2014).

2. What Social, environmental and behavioral determinants of health are contributing to this health issue?

Good health can be achieved by taking care of ourselves and by ensuring the healthy and well-balanced diet, avoiding bad habits, such as smoking or drug abuse, visiting the doctor whenever we feel sick and having the recommended tests and immunizations on the regular basis. They all sum up to social determinants and can be failed to achieve as a result of high level of  alcohol consumption. Quality of education is another major social determinant of alcohol consumption health issues in that due to a big number of school dropouts, we have so many young people idling around and they end up involving themselves in excessive taking of alcohol (DiClemente, Hansen, & Ponton, 2013).

Poor environmental conditions such as lack of clean air, water, and food, in the community can make a negative impact on our health condition. Polluted environment and water resources can leads to numerous illnesses. That and the tremendous lack of proper disposal methods of waste from the industry are the major causes of poor health and frequent disease outbreaks in our community.

 Besides that, Dandenong is suffering from behavioral determinants which imply that people believe that certain practices like taking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs are an indication of a classy lifestyle. This, therefore, creates a number of additional issues including the adolescents having unprotected sex which provokes a drastic increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Are there any existing programs/policies already addressing these issues? If so what are they and are they effective?

 There have been programs and policies to help fight alcohol consumption. In partnership with Victoria police, there were campaigns against drinking alcohol in public places and also educating people on the effect of alcohol consumption (Allan, Clifford, Ball, Alston, & Meister, 2012, pp. 624-629.). A program through advocacy has been developed to respond to family violence issues. In partnership with schools, a program to support young people through their primary to secondary trainings and later help them get employed has been established.

4. What resources, assets or strengths does your community have?

The various resources in Dandenong had a number of various resources, which include the following: good roads, various plants, and high quality health facilities which offer a variety of services that, in fact, all play a big role in ensuring services provided can be accessed by every person in the region.

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