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A training evaluation plan report

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Executive Summary

An Effective Training Evaluation Plan is vital for any Company across the Europe thus should be embraced. At the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in the United Kingdom (UK), the Company was looking for ways to cut back expenses. This report aims to provide broader details on how to retain training programs in a Company. As the head of the training department, it was observed that there was need not to terminate the prospect of putting up An Effective Training Evaluation Plan. This is because it constitutes to the overall success of the Company. The report also aims in formulating a Training Evaluation tool which evaluates knowledge retention and job performance improvement which in turn enable the Company to generate more profit.

Any training department in any organization should not be deemed as an expense. This is because it plays a huge role in that it contributes to the profitability of a Company. The report aims in outlying the advantages of having well-trained employees to the overall financial success of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in the UK. Self-assessment method was used to gain much information on this.

Methods used

Conducting interview

This was an important way to gain much information about the need to have a training department in the Company. This is because there was the need to encrypt a professional kind of a report. Only this was to be achieved through hearing opinions of the employees. Through one-on-one interviews, it was found out that majority of the employees expressed an improved work rate only after passing through training programs. In an exclusive interview with the Chief Financial Officer of the Royal Bank of Scotland group Ewen Stevenson, who has been in the post since 2014, admitted to the fact that well-trained employees perform their jobs more efficiently and consequently. This was in comparison to untrained employees. Through this, it adds more ink to the fact that the Company is one of the most successful Companies in the UK. He further argued that these kinds of employees contributed to higher productivity and profits for the Company.

An Effective Training Evaluation Tool

It was found out that one of the ways to highlight the value which training employees programs incorporate to a Company was to evaluate a tool that will allow a manager to configure the performance of each employee both and after they have undertaken a training program. As the head of the training, formulating this will enable the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chris Mark’s judge for himself; obviously, the writing is on the wall after the conclusion of this self-assessment of his employees. It was also reported that Training programs help a company gain a competitive advantage (Noe, Raymond, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2006) This proved to be measuring scale on Human Resource department of most successful companies across Europe. It was found out that training evaluation process requires criteria. This report achieves a lot in highlighting ten criteria. This generates a practical approach to the overall paperwork as there will some form of realism.

How to Implement Evaluation tool and its benefits.                                                                                                                                         

Participants’ opinions

This criterion aim in weighing up the satisfaction of the employees of RBS after completion of a training program. In order to collect relevant data, I formulated various questions; after the completion of a training program and as the head of the training department, did the employees learn something new at the end of the training program?                                       


If YES, are they now able to apply those skills in their workplace? In the case of a technical training, the Company will be eager to know whether the new skills learned will be of help to the general financial gain of a company.  


This is an important aspect which ought not to be overlooked. For instance, Royal Bank of Scotland Group in the UK is in the top ten positions of the most successful companies in the UK estimated to be worth over 30million pounds. This landmark is only achieved through proper evaluation. For instance, in the case of issuing a technical assistance to its newly recruited employees, RBS has to come up with a fair budget which in the long end constitute to the profitability of RBS.


This the fourth criteria which should be upheld. How long will be the training? The duration should be a reasonable one rather than a tedious and an overwhelming one. Therefore, this proves to be timely on the general activities of RBS. This is the reason as to why RBS has been able to perform amid stiff competition it ought to face from its rivals such as the Standard Chartered Group.

Nature of the training

As the head of the training department in RPS, this is the most import criteria to consider. It gives direction on what not to be done. In most cases, it is a concept that generates the role of the training department. This will also be of help to evaluate the level of transfer of knowledge.

The role

This criterion highlights the value a training program incorporates to a Company. As the head of the training department, the defense presented should be based on this. That is why in reference to prior findings, that there was the need for a manager to be in possession of a track record of his employees; before and after the training. 


This should be based on positive stride a company will shift into after incorporation of a Training Evaluation Tool. How will the managers be convinced to view it as the right step to undertake for RBS?    


RBS has outlaid an important approach to ensure that its newly recruited interns who are graduates can impress recruiters. This is through setting up RBS assessment center that provides a platform for this. The recruiters boast an experience in banking and insurance holding activities thus they can only recruit the best. Qualified recruits are capable to influence new and fresh ideas to the Company thus this constitutes to a financial advantage of the company.


As the head of training department in RBS, this should be an initial step ought to be undertaken. Through research, the defense to be presented to the managers should be convincing in nature. Over the years, RBS has been always in the limelight worldwide. Therefore, it is only through both extensive and intensive research that will convince the managers not to scrap out training program. Therefore timely planning has significance role to this.


This is the last criterion and an equally important one as well. It is necessary for people to know how they are progressing. This will only be made possible through formulating an effective Training Evaluation Tool.

Based on the above explanation, the report accomplished the task of providing explanations on how the training department is important to the general success of RBS. The above criteria also provide a scope on how the evaluation tool will be implemented.


Through the prior findings, it can be configured that there is need to measure abilities of the employees both before and after training. It is through this that one can be able to pinpoint the advantages of training programs to the employees and to the overall success of the company. One of the advantages is skill improvement. This is especially when technical training is administered. Secondly, it was found out that employees became fully aware of work ethic and law. It was reported that discipline among the employees of RBS was the main reason behind it achieving success in the banking industry. In reference to Erik Erikson’s concept in life stages, it was found out that there was the need for change according to age and a certain stage in life (Erikson, 1959).


This report aims to portray the effectiveness of training evaluation tool to the general banking activities characterized by the RBS. It was reported that for a training evaluation to be significant, the training itself must be relevant to the person and the situation. An Evaluation tool should be manageable. It was found out that this enhances easy assessment. So it is important to note that the concept to uphold an effective training evaluation tool is not only important to RBS but is equally important to a learner of Business studies.                       

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