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A plan for passing the ANCC Exam

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Area identification

In order to pass my ANCC examination, I will begin by reviewing all the information based on the content of the exam. I will come up with an updated list of all the areas that I regard as my secure knowledge bases. The second list that I will come up with will be the identification of areas of weaknesses and the topics that calls for more attention owing to their wide coverage. Through the Fitzgerald Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination Review, I will be made aware of the certain parts of the entire program that are parts of reviews as well as the other sections that calls for the expansion of my knowledge base.   After clearly establishing the areas that needs attention, I will be able to allocate sufficient time for the study.

Time allocation

I will properly map out the different personal demands such as family, work hours and professional engagement. Then I will a proper schedule of study time with a lot of time being allocated to the areas that I have less information and need to study more and less time in areas that I need to only refresh my knowledge base. I will be keen to cover all the areas that are likely to be tested in the examination. The exam date will only be set after I have undergone a well-planned period of study and focus.

Study time organization

The first approach that I will initiate is the selection of the Fitzgerald NP review course as the first item for study. This method will begin by developing a summary of the wide body of knowledge that is required for the evidence-based practices. The summary will be followed closely with undertaking some sample practice questions that will help me in developing my test-taking skills as well as the decision-making in the practice. The next move will be to slot a period between 3 to 5 weeks of planned study after completing the initial review courses aimed at maximizing the time needed for the revision. I will then create a schedule of 2 to 3 hour blocks for a period of 6 days per week so as to give myself one day of rest.

I will come up with a structured system of study so as to improve the chances of my success in the study sessions. The method that I will adopt is the SQ4R system of study. This is elaborated as:

S-Surveying the already established goals of study

Q-questions based on the information will be formulated

I will consider the topics in which I do not have a full grasp in and the pathophysiology of the different conditions.

R- Reading the answers of the questions that I had formulated

R-Reciting the different responses of the formulated questions.

R-wRiting short summary of the things learnt in the process.

R-Reviewing the entire study so as to establish if the goals are met.

Finally, I am well aware that being able to pass my certificate examination not only mark a critical moment or point in my career but it is also a key evidence of my considerable achievement. Therefore, I will ensure that I maximize the chances of succeeding.

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