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A Place at the Table

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1.      The activity was named a place at the table as a call to action on hunger in 1st March 2013

2.      COLLEGE OF NURSING- the nurses and the residents

COLLEGE OF MEDICINE- doctors, general surgeons

COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSION- surgical technologists, pharmacists, psychologists

COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTH- nutrition experts, public health professionals, community health workers

3.      During the place at the table activity, those in the college of public health were seen to work their best in ensuring the establishment of better policies to advocate against hunger. Also, I think that the government and the agricultural officers were substantially involved in establishing better ways of dealing with the current situations.

4.      The activity helped me to learn about the reluctance of my profession in addressing hunger as we only indulge in treating the sick. I also realized that there is so much we can do in advocating for better policies to reduce the number of deaths caused by starvation.  On the other hand, those from the college of nursing and medicine are directly involved in dealing with malnutrition cases, and hunger strike and they are needed to be at the forefront in establishing better policies.

5.      The activity helped us address the aspect of better care which did not only involve treatment but prevention measures. We understood that better health and lower costs of treatment could be achieved if individuals and organizations across all sectors of the economy could fully be involved within the healthcare system through better policies.

6.      Dealing with an interprofessional team ensured that all aspects of the issue presented were discussed from different perspectives. Therefore, the solution that was achieved was wholesome and could cause a change affecting the whole healthcare system. On the contrary, a single provider would have been biased in reacting to the situation from their point of view.

7.      Future activities could consider the involvement of individuals and organizations from other fields, outside the healthcare system.

8.      I gained a better understanding of the influence that the health care system has on the community. As such, I understood the need to adopt better care accessible to the entire community

9.      In my opinion, the government should be in the first place in improving this activity for better results in future. There are central in bringing together different sectors of the economy.

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