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A performance of the song ‘Happy Farmer’

Robert Schumann, a German composer, and critique is among the composers credited for writing the greatest music in the world. His best works are in forms of songs and piano pieces. Robert takes credit as a composer of classical music among them ‘Happy Farmer’ which he composed for his three daughters. Robert Schumann’s songs and piano pieces are played by performers in many events. 

The Amphitheatre was the performance stage. The audience was seating in rounds on raising floors. The performers were performing from the center of the hall. Everyone in the audience would see the performers from the center of the building. The hall was big with a capacity of holding not less than one thousand people. There were sound speakers evenly distributed throughout the building. There were three television screens in the hall evenly distributed. The screens displaced the performance as well. The audience was seated during the permeances. The performers were a distance from the audience in a manner that they would not interact one on one with each other.

The performers were dressed in official clothing. However, the clothes were not uniformed. The men were in black trousers while the ladies wore black dresses. The color of the shirts was not uniform, and they ranged from black, blue white and green. Some men wore coats while others didn’t. Every performer wore spectacles. Interestingly the performers displayed a presentable perhaps official dress code. They also had a smile on their faces throughout the performance. The performers appeared taken by the music. At some point, it seemed they didn’t remember they were performing before and audience. They didn’t maintain eye contact with the audience whatsoever. However, their body language was involving, and they played making gestures that communicated they were playing the music for the audience most of the time. However, they sat in a closed circle which in a manner that the audience immediately next to them cloud not see them play. The performance was 7:17 minutes with a calm mood. The performance had a normal balanced tempo throughout. The performers didn’t dominate the stage but remained calm and collected. Body movement was slow and uniform with a frim mastery of playing the instruments. In summation, the performers were able to communicate to their audience despite their large numbers.

           The audience is presented dressed in casual clothes. The dress code reflects an audience from the contemporary society.  Most members of the audience appear to be couple judging from their observable behaviors and their seating pattern.  At some point, the audience is featured, and a woman and a man are holding hands in silence. They appear to be paying much attention to the music. They are not looking at the performers, but they appear to be gazing at something distant and reflecting on something. Another lady is paying full attention to the music and the performers. She is looking at the performers, and her body is moving with the rhythm of the music. She is appearing to be connecting with the message in the music, the playing’s rhythm and the performers at a very deep level. The audience connected with the music. When the music is ending, the audience seems so taken that there is a moment of silence after the performers finish and then a loud of applause follows.


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