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A Diverse (Multicultural) Environment

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A multicultural environment entails a setting where students appreciate and recognize the relationship of cultural diversity in a classroom. A multicultural environment for students is characterized by deep mutual appreciation and building of trust and collaboration among students. The presence of a shared professional knowledge and language and the value of cooperation, which result in new competencies in the learning process of the students facilitate such an environment (Devita, 2000).

As an international business administration student, I need to learn how to conduct and administer business engagements in different countries. A multicultural student environment will be of great significance to me as I will get the best resources and information for my academic work. It will also benefit me in acquiring a vast knowledge of shared ideas from group discussions, and as such, I will be in a position to come up with creative ways on how to relate with people from different cultures.

Besides, a multicultural student environment will upsurge my international awareness through multicultural interactions, work placement. I will attain educational benefits through extra-curricular activities that are organized as part of the learning process and through this; my interaction with culturally diverse students will increase my understanding of human relations, hence achieving my academic goals (Volet, 2012). My social connection with a culturally diverse student environment through class work engagements would support me in efforts to generate new diverse knowledge, thereby, articulating my educational goals, which include progressing in my career, developing and sharing cultural goals as well as building international networks.

Through a multicultural student environment, I will benefit in developing my language skills and knowledge about different cultures, which will help me in my class projects as my course requires a student to have a vast knowledge of different cultures (Volet 2017).  Besides, it will develop my interaction with students from different places and as such, my learning will be facilitated from multiple levels. Knowledge and international business administration are supplemented by appropriate personal skills, which I will acquire from my interaction in a culturally diverse student environment. Besides, in as much as I will learn from my classmates, I will also share much about my culture and opinions in different subjects, which will greatly facilitate my learning process.

To be an international business administrator in the modern world, a businessperson has to work with employees and partners from different cultures (Devita, 2000). In an international student environment, I will be in a position to learn various studying strategies that can enable me excel in my activities. I am the right candidate for this program because I find it much easier to participate and learn more in a culturally diverse environment. For example, in a study group, I can excellently express my abilities and skills through presentation and such abilities among others will make me stand out. In a nutshell, multicultural student environment facilitates vast knowledge regarding foreign business practices, marketing, and entrepreneurship through diversity and inclusivity.

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